10.30am - 5.30pm
Last Hiring 4.30pm
ROYDON weekdays need booking
Mon & Fri SPECIALS @ Broxbourne

Cycle Hire

Cycle Hire in the Lee Valley Regional Park. See the lovely River Lea and all the nature it has to offer by cycling along the canal. If you are lucky you can spot a flash of blue from a Kingfisher. Or take a nice ride through the park and try and find muntjac deer, Fieldfares and Redwings. If you get a chance , listen out for a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. Phone, email or book online, don’t miss out!

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Canoe , Kayak, SUP Hire

Canoe, kayak and SUP hire on the River Lee Navigation Enjoy what the canal has to offer, if you are lucky you can spot a flash of blue from a Kingfisher or a swirl of water from an otter. Do you know the difference between a moorhen and a coot? SUPs now available for hire

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Broxbourne Riverside Chalets Make this a mini break away from home, a week or just a weekend, where you can just relax or enjoy our activities available. Easy access to a train to take you into London for a day out, to see; The London Eye, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

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Canoe and SUP Day Trip

Day Trip on solo Stand Up Paddle Board [SUP] or 2 People in a Canoe

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Monday and Friday Specials at Broxbourne

Mondays and Fridays £15 per person at 11am For Up to 4 Hours in a Canoe, Kayak or SUP Or Cycle to 5.30pm Excludes Bank Holidays Walk in or Book online

Thursdays Broxbourne Bikes Only

  • Thursday Special for Cycles only to 5.30pm
  • Canoes, Kayaks and SUPs Available
  • but not on special offer

Cycle Hire One Hour to All Day

  • To Hire for up to :-
  • One Hour £10 [Walk in only]
  • Two Hours £15 [Walk in only]
  • Four Hours £20
  • Whole Day £32
  • Tandems Price X2

Canoe and Kayak Hire

  • One Hour[Walk in only]
  • or Two Hours [Booking or Walk in]
  • Single Kayak £14 £26
  • Double canoe/kayak £22 £36
  • 3 Seat Canoe £25 £40
  • 2 Adult+2 Child Canoe £25 £40
  • Day Trip 2 Person Canoe £70

SUP Hire

  • Stand Up Paddleboards are available for hire
  • for 1 or 2 hours and Day Trips
  • 1 hour hire £14 [Walk in only]
  • 2 Hour hire £26
  • Day Trip £50


  • One and Two Bed min 2 nights
  • One Bed from £65 per night
  • Two Bed from £75 per night
  • Arrive 3pm to 6pm
  • Depart by 10am
  • .


We are closed at Roydon until March but you may book online or ring us at Broxbourne 01992 676650 and we will be pleased to do all we can to accomodate your requirements.


As you drive, cycle or walk into Roydon Marina Village you will find us just over the bridge at the entrance on the first bend. Roydon Marina Village, CM19 5EJ There is a £5 parking charge in Roydon Marina Village


We offer a range of sizes of cycles for short or longer term hire. 1 Hour Hire £10 [Walk in Only] 2 Hour Hire £15 [Walk in Only] 4 Hour Hire £20 [Walk in or bookable am and pm slots] All Day Hire £32 [Up to 24 hour] Short Break Hire £65 [For 3 or 4 day short break] Weekly Hire £100 [7 days additional days at £10] 10% Discount to above prices to all Marina residents and guests Helmets supplied as part of hire

Canoe Kayak and SUP Board HIRE

NOW FULLY OPEN We have a large range of Canoes, Kayaks and SUPs to suit most requirements. There are canoes that can be paddled by up to 3 people Our kayaks can either seat individual or two paddlers ,the SUPs are for one person. You can hire a canoe, kayak or SUP from our Roydon Marina Village Base, either book or walk in and paddle along the River Stort. No Experience Necessary


The maximum hire is for 2 hours, plenty of time to explore between the locks. One Hour Two Hours Single Kayak or SUP £14 £26 Double Kayak £ 22 £36 3 Seat Canoe £25 £40 10% Discount to Marina residents and guests

Trains to Roydon Station

Don’t get stuck on the train You may find that your train is longer than the platform at some of our stations. This means the doors won't open where there’s no platform edge so you can get on and off the train safely. If you’re travelling to Roydon station from London Liverpool Street / Broxbourne direction, please travel in the front six coaches of the train. This is for trains with 10 coaches only as the doors on the last four coaches will not open at Roydon.


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  • Kayak Courses

  • Canoe Courses

  • Stand Up Paddle boarding

  • One to One Coaching

Book a place on an Intro course

  • Courses are from 1pm to 3pm on either a Saturday or Sunday From May to August
  • Kayak Introduction :20/5/23, 28/5/23, 15/7/23, 23/7/23, 19/8/23 or 27/8/23
  • Canoe Introduction: 6/5/23, 21/5/23, 1/7/23, 16/7/23, 5/8/23 or 20/8/23
  • SUP Introduction : 7/5/23, 27/5/23, 2/7/23, 22/7/23, 6/8/23 or 26/8/23

Book a One on One Session

  • Coaching
  • Sessions are up to 2 hours long
  • Available only on
  • Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • Bank Holidays are not included.
  • Sessions can lead to award of
  • British Canoeing certification
  • Lee Valley Canoe Cycle, Broxbourne EN10 7AX
  • The Workshop Mill Lane
Terms and Conditions image
All participants Agree to the following terms and conditions and will be bound by them during this and any future hiring.
You accept responsibility for your own actions and realise that canoeing and cycling include an element of risk
LEE VALLEY CANOE CYCLE reserve the right to refuse hire for any reason
LEE VALLEY CANOE CYCLE will do everything possible to ensure boats and cycles are in a clean and serviceable condition before releasing for hire. Hirers should check the equipment and bring any defects to attention of a member of LEE VALLEY CANOE CYCLE staff before setting off.
LEE VALLEY CANOE CYCLE cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury as a result of this hire.
The hirer is responsible for the boat or cycle along with its fittings, accessories and safety equipment from the time of collection to the time of return. Any loss or damage will be the responsibility of the hirer, at the retail repair or replacement cost prevailing at the time.
The hirer will be responsible for the security of the boat or cycle, until returned to LEE VALLEY CANOE CYCLE
Hire charges will be estimated and taken at the rates displayed, adjustments being made on return of equipment
The participants agrees that the boat or cycle will be used in an appropriate manner, within the laws and regulations, with due regard to other users of the river, marshes, tow paths and cycle tracks.
If a boat is to be used away from the River Lee Navigation it is the hirer’s responsibility to have the appropriate licences and permissions for the use of any waterways.
Sorry we do not allow pets in our boats, or cycle baskets.
It is the Hirer’s responsibility to report any incidents or accidents on return of the boat or cycle.
LEE VALLEY CANOE CYCLE reserve the right to surcharge for unauthorised overdue hire.